Artificial Intelligence- A Walk Towards Innovation

Akshay Tyagi
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In the year 1950 Alan Turing, the renowned Computer Scientist raised a question which changed history and added wings in the innovation of technology, ‘Can Machines Think?’ Which eventually gave relevance to the modern approach of AI, according to which AI is “the study of agents that receive percepts from the environment and perform actions.” (Russel and Norvig viii)

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI is a computer program that mimics how the human brain learns and solves different problems. It is a technology where computers behave as if they have used human intelligence to perform certain tasks which reduce human efforts and dependency. In other words, it is a computer working in spheres where human intelligence is required. A machine achieves this intelligence through the process of Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the branch of study that provides computers with the proficiency to learn without being explicitly programmed. ML is regarded to be one of the most unique technologies that one can ever come across. As derived from the name, it provides computers with the attributes or features that create a similarity between the machines and the human. The ability to learn. Machine learning has been widely adopted all around the world and is being used currently more than one can ever imagine.

AI has been aimed to make our lives a little easier and it has been constantly proving itself to be useful in various fields. Some of the examples of narrow AI are-

  • Google
  • Personal Assistants like Siri and Alexa
  • Self-driving cars
  • And Image recognising applications.

There are continuous debates regarding the boon and bane of AI. At one hand when it is known for making our lives easier by behaving just like us, on the other hand, it holds the power to create mass unemployment and create devastation.

How is AI Used?

Usually, Artificial Intelligence is categorised as-

– Narrow AI

Also referred to as weak AI, this sort of Artificial Intelligence works within a limited context and is a duplication of human Intelligence. The main aim of Narrow AI is to focus on one task at a time so that the execution is performed smoothly. While the machines may give off an impressive image, they are working under a lot of pressure and limitations as compared to the human mind.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence is a widely used form of AI in the contemporary era. The main aim of Narrow AI is to perform some specific tasks but to deliver the result as desired, a few examples of Narrow AI that human hugely relies on currently are Google, Siri, Image recognition techniques etc.

For instance, when you ask Google a specific question, it just displays numerous answers to that question along with some related questions. Much like Google, Siri plays the song or does what we command her with.

Narrow AI is powered by development in machine learning and deep learning. In many cases, we usually confuse Artificial Intelligence with machine learning and deep learning, the renowned venture capitalist has given simply distinguished between the three options as-

“Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms and intelligence to try to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning is one of them, and deep learning is one of those machine learning techniques.”

  • Artificial General Intelligence

Also referred to as strong AI, this kind of artificial intelligence is used in the movies. Much like robots from Westworld or any other movie that comprises of robots. Unlike Narrow AI, AGI does not have any limitations and can use the intelligence to solve any problems that prove itself to be as a hurdle in the smooth functioning.

The arrival of AGI marked itself to be as a threat for the humankind, the scientists assured that the situation where machines will start taking over human is not going to happen out of fiction anytime soon.

Moving forward with new technologies and innovation everyday has proved its boon as well as a bane in the contemporary era. Much like anything else, Artificial Intelligence also has a list of benefits and risks. Let’s have a look at the brief explanation of boon as well as the bane of Artificial Intelligence.


1. Easily and Widely Available

What is the first thing that we have in mind to approach for getting the answers of rare questions? Google, right? With the dropping price of various electronic devices, the Narrow AI have been widely available for usage.

2. Daily Usage

Be it commanding Alexa or Siri to play your favourite movie while chilling on the sumptuous seats of an automatically driven car or tapping those fingers on the screen with the anxiety rushing, we are all heavily relying on the AI to solve our everyday issues.

3. Performing Complex Tasks

When tasks are made to be done on a loop proves itself to be tedious for a human being. For example, sending the same text to multiple people will be performed infinite times faster by an AI than by a human being.

4. Virtual Assistance

It is of no surprise that machines are devoid of emotions and prove themselves to be more logical while replying professionally than a human being. AI can be used to communicate with your clients.


1. Unemployment

The only concern currently is regarding the fact that if someday, AI reaches the zenith, it might actually make the offices free from the human connotation and fill them with the formal emotionless silence of the machines.

2. Costly

While some of the AI can be enjoyed for free, on the other hand, most of the AI demands a high amount from the users. Various games and premium accounts of any narrow AI are a perfect example to prove this attribute of how costly they are.

Now that we have provided an in-depth knowledge of what Artificial Intelligence is, tell us what you think of artificial intelligence as a boon or a bane?


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