Salesforce- Making Dreams Come True

If you’re here, reading this you probably already know the glory that this organisation entails, a dream for many, true for some, Salesforce is the only organisation that has somehow managed to maintain the symbiotic relationship with its employees in the best way possible. Now many of us have our base nuclear so let’s start with what Salesforce actually is.

What is Salesforce?

Headquartered in San Francisco, Salesforce is an American cloud based software company that specialises in Customer Relationship Management or CRM. It also deals with the suite of enterprise application complimentary that focuses on Customer Service, application development, marketing automation and analytics.

Founded in the year 2003, 1999 by Marc Benioff (the former executive of Oracle) along with numerous other partners such as Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez, as a SaaS (Software as a service) and was launched for the public in the months of September and November in the year 1999.

June 2004 proved to be very beneficial for the company when it had its early public offering on the New York Stock Exchange when it raised approximately 10 million USD under the stock symbol of CRM.

The year 2014, October Salesforce declared the development of its Customer Success Platform to tie along the company’s service including some of the factors like sales, community, marketing, Analytics as well as Mobile Apps. The year 2017, the organisation launched a boom in the market also known as Facebook Analytics exclusively for business-to-business marketeers. The year 2018 marked Salesforce partnering with Apple which was intended to enhance the working of apps for businesses.

The year 2020 wasn’t as great for the company as the mastermind behind it all, the co-chief executive officer Keith Block decided to step down from the position he had, however, Marc Benioff remained to be the Chief executive officer and the chairman of the company.

What is CRM?

CRM refers to as Customer Relationship Management and the software particularly stores each and every information (which is legally allowed for any organisation to have) such as names, address, phone number as well as keeps track of the activity of the customers such as phone calls, website visits and much more thereby giving an idea about the likes, dislikes and the daily records of usage of phone and internet of the customers.


The CRM (Customer RelationshipManagement) service provided by Salesforce has a broad spectrum such as App Cloud, IoT, Commerce Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud with over 100,000 customers. It’s of no wonder that the organisation has been a huge success in the There are numerous active services that Salesforce is providing, some of the services are mentioned below.

Salesforce offers organisations with the interface to look after all the task management and case management thereby easing the work of the organisation and a system for routing and editing the events as per the priority. The customer portal of Salesforce allows the customers to track their own cases that might even include a social-networking plug-in that allows the user to be a part of the conversation that includes their organisation in which they’re serving in, on the various social networking websites. They even might include email alerts, analytical tools etc.

Salesforce is also working on a Blockchain platform, started in the year 2019, the platform is based out of Hyperledger Sawtooth to facilitate and enhance creating Blockchain apps as well as networks that are integrated with CRM.

Declared in 2017 but launched in 2019, MyTrailhead is an online training platform that can easily be customised as per the needs of its customers. The users can even publish their own training content and program which is why the platform has extended its functionality.

Launched in the year 2005, AppExchange is an online application marketplace exclusively for third party applications that function on platform. The app is available for free, or if you want to enjoy the perks of a special member, you can even consider taking them for quarters or yearly.

Apart from the many services mentioned above, Salesforce even works on, Community Cloud and Lightning Platform. Some of the retired or near to death services of the organisations are, and


Salesforce users can now configure their Customers Relationship Management applications, there are numerous tags such as Contacts, Reports and Accounts. Every tab entails associated information as per the applications.

Along with the Web Interface, Salesforce also offers a SOAP/REST Web service application program that enhances and enables integrations with other systems.

Technology Used By Salesforce

Salesforce strictly works on Model View Controller Architecture.

Apex is a programming language much like C++ and Java provided by the platforms. The language follows a dot notation and curly bracket index, it is a strongly typed, aim-oriented case-sensitive programming language. The multitenant nature of the programming language has gave it with some limitations strictly imposed by the government to act as a guard against any source monopolising shared resources


The year 2014 decided to make public the front end of its platform known as lightning. The mobile app of Salesforce is built on this component-based framework. The Lighting Design System is a perfect amalgamation of the HTML design framework with the CSS styling built-in. The Salesforce Rapid App Builder is a smart tool used for rapid application development of active web interfaces which are usually very responsive.

The interface functions in a manner where various screens are put together based on the lighting components which can be used as a sample for records or specific applications.

Now that you have reached almost at the end of the blog, you might already be aware of how successful and renowned Salesforce is, Metaorigin has collaborated with Salesforce and serves the prestigious organization as a Salesforce admin and Salesforce development to crank it up a notch. Metaorigin also provides CRM services, so if you are wondering about what CRM does, make sure to check out the points mentioned below.

As a Salesforce admin, Metaorigin acts like a vital bridge between the business and the technology in order to perk up the tech game of the organisation thereby making it reach at the zenith of success.

People across the globe highly rely on Salesforce but the secret is that even Salesforce highly relies on its Salesforce admin to handle the tech end and help them grow.

Metaorigin works with numerous stakeholders and customises the platform as per their requirement. If summarised, we help the stakeholders to get the most out of Salesforce. We have it that you need to keep the platform running while keeping every rate and unique need of yours in mind, wondering what we do in Salesforce Administration? Here are the things that you can leave on us-

Metaorigin As A Salesforce Developer

Our love for cracking codes are inevitable, living in a world where working smartly can simply give you an ample amount of time to do anything you like is our dream, hence we completely eradicate the process of redundancy by automating the repetitive tasks and make it simple for you.

What does CRM do?

Why does CRM matter?

We can help you in connecting to your customers in a completely different way. Work on building strong and long lasting relations, get in their shoes and understand their needs, identify better opportunities and grab them for you. With the united view of each and every interaction you can now finally sell, service and set up a market like never before.

For more info kindly visit us at




AI Enthusiast, I am an IT executive who drives the business through technology, transformation, and innovation. I work in the computer software industry.

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Akshay Tyagi

Akshay Tyagi

AI Enthusiast, I am an IT executive who drives the business through technology, transformation, and innovation. I work in the computer software industry.

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