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The world in which we’re living in is mostly made up of machines more than humans, with the regular arrival of shocking technologies, human beings have constantly making progress in the technological aspect, one similar aspect is Video Analytics.

Now before we proceed with this blog, it is important to throw some light on what is video Analytics.

What is Video Analytics?

Video Analytics is a mechanism that processes a digital video signal with the help of a unique algorithm to carry out a security related function.

With the rise of the crisis moment, Video Analytics was created to provide support to have a look over the continuous rising hours of inspection that might be impossible for the human eye to notice. At moments, it becomes impossible to have a look over too many places, even a blink of an eye can make you miss the important events that could’ve been prevented from happening.

Using Video Analytics is not only cost effective but it also makes your inspection or surveillance process more efficient, durable and sensible. The process assures to record even the slightest movement thereby eradicating the hard and fast inspection load from your security and staff and helping you in covering the entire value of security video by making the IP camera system more smart in its work.

With the passing time, Video Analytics has gained a lot of importance in both corporate as well as the government sectors along with the constant rise in the camera count worldwide. The number of security cameras sold today are higher than ever. “Different security guards are capable of performing different actions when it comes to inspection, the focus of every security guard can be different from one another” According to a research in the United States, manual inspection of video systems start having distractions in time as little as 12 minutes overlooking upto 45% of the actions in the scenes recorded in camera, after 22 minutes, it rises up to 95% of overall activity.

This is the part where video Analytics can walk in to make your tasks easier.

Video Analytics provides this leverage to your software with the help of which it will monitor your video 24*7 for all 365 days, creating a sense of alert in your staff to put their attention on the screen only when something happens. The process of Video Analytics can also be utilised at the time of recording and search operations, giving the privilege to search recorded video as per the desired results. This helps in instantly locating the event or any particular part of the event without wasting too much time on scrolling and searching for it.

Types of Video Analytics-

Each sort of video Analytics will function in a slightly different manner than each other, depending upon the manufacturer. However, all the types of Video Analytics more or less work in the same way. One has to set up basic parameters for any activity that you want to search, put an alert notification system, and if the activity that you keep the alarm for meets the parameter, you get an alert by the software.

Contemporarily, the type of video Analytics present in the market are as follows-

1.Virtual line crossing detection

Any substance or object crossing your designated virtual line set by the developer will be detected automatically. Even the observation as minute as detecting the source direction of the object can also be specified.

2. Motion Detection

Any movement from minute to major can be detected in the desired scene or the specific area that has been provided with the alert system.

3. Object left behind detection

If the object appearing in the desired area is staying motionless for more than the set timing will be detected and automatically reported.

4. Object removed detection

Any object that will be removed from the designated area for a certain amount of fine or longer will be detected and reported.

5. Tamper detection

If any sudden changes take place, the monitoring of the camera will be affected. Some of the conditions that can be covered under this section are sudden blockage of camera, spray painting of camera and significant loss of the focus of the camera.

6. Face Detection

This feature identifies a human face by reading in depth about their features, sharpness of the features and distinguishing one human from the other.

7. Business Intelligence

Analytics like counting people and heat mapping can be used to provide seamless experience to the customers by working on the customer experience.

Now that you already know about the types of Video Analytics, we can proceed forward to tell you about How Video Analytics Software works. Video Analytics for security cameras comes in an array of forms such as installed in your camera, on the third party software or on the NVR. Every Video Analytic solution will function quite differently from each other. Metaorigins provide a durable and sustainable Video Analytics tool to crank your surveillance game up a notch.

How Will Video Analytics Help You?

Dating back to the ancient times when ideal surveillance included a security guard sitting in the booth keeping all his attention to the security camera feed live, in search to catch any mishap happening at that place. The process involves manual effort and let’s face it, even a blink of an eye can make the guard miss the most important sight of the entire event.

When you get a video management software, it manages your desired area of security in a way that even the slightest mishap can be caught and prevented, it helps in directing and alerting people during the unfortunate times, thereby saving the efforts to maintain continuous attention on the screen.

Our Clients For Video Analytics-

  1. Medlife
  2. Yamaha
  3. HP
  4. DXC Technology

Metaorigins- A Click Away For Video Analytics

Founded in the year 2015, Metaorigin Labs is an IT company that has expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain, Salesforce, Data Analytics, Data Scraping, Digital Marketing and much more. Innovation and next generation business collaboration is now just a click away. Crank your business up a notch by collaborating with the organisation bearing the most advanced technologies currently available in the market to make your work easier and more accessible.
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AI Enthusiast, I am an IT executive who drives the business through technology, transformation, and innovation. I work in the computer software industry.

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Akshay Tyagi

Akshay Tyagi

AI Enthusiast, I am an IT executive who drives the business through technology, transformation, and innovation. I work in the computer software industry.

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